[ The Motive to found the Namdong Mission Center ]

The Motive to found the Namdong Mission Center
About 2/5 spirits of whole mankind in this earth have not heard about the Gospel because in their countries the Christian activities are restrained and missionaries are not allowed or accepted, They are usually under the Hindu, Budist, Islamic or communistic ruling. Because these countries are located in the area from 10 to 40th degrees in north latitude.

So we need many missionaries to spread the Gospel to the world. But, it will take much time and money to produce as many missionaries as we need. It is too difficult to do so in the way we have used before. The best way we can solve this problem is to make missions held by the natives in those countries.

The God sent us many foreign workers who almost belong to this 10/40 window area. Maybe about 30% of them have received the God in Korea and then came back to their nations. We confirm that they are the person to be Charged with our mission work as one disciple of Jesus Christ when they came back their own countries. It is Namdong Mission Center's aim that is to widen the God's world while we are educating and training them, sending them to mission areas. We think the foreigners still coming to Korea as human resources who have to be trained as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Namdong Mission Center is interdenominational and evangelical in character, with Jesus Christ as its Supreme Head, and strictly adheres to the biblical teaching of salvation by grace through faith alone.

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