[ The purpose of the Namdong Foreign Bible School ]

The purpose of the Namdong Foreign Bible School
       * To make disciples of Jesus Christ.
       * To install a vital missions' vision.
       * To develop stills in applying biblical academic principles to practical situations.
       * To make a tent-maker like Apostle Paul through working and studying.

Training curriculum
       * We offer this training for you with the following subjects;
       1.Biblical Series.
       2.Computer Training.
       3.Music & Music Instrument.
       4.Korean Language.
       * Work is arranged by the Namdong Foreign Bible School.

Period of study.
       * 6months course & 12 months course.
       * The Namdong Foreign Bible School can continue to give support to anyone who
       will finish the course and is willing to study to the higher level of the training.

Introductory Course
First Semester
        * Old Testament Survey
        * Pentateuch
        * New Testament Survey
        * The book of Gospel
        * Acts
        * Mission English 1
        * Discipleship
        * Music 1
        * Methods of Bible Study
        * Christian Education
        * Physical Education 1
        * Computer
        * Korean Language
        * Chapel

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[ After the Bible Study in India ]